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Our Story,Free Radio Belgium Internet Radio

FREE RADIO BELGIUM whose title makes a nod to the free radio offshore stations in the North Sea from 1960 - late 1980s. It is also in other ways too a free radio internet radio that plays oldies, from the 60s to now.Program in Dutch and English .The station is free of cost and free of advertising.Live broadcast 24/7 and around the world. Tunein app the address is enclosed here - Search by country Belgium, you will find them via all internet tuning devices, or one of the buttons on the site. Your music mix free of adverts, all day, everyday.


Lynda Law,Ferry De Wolf,Steve Chelmsford,Rudy Van Hove,Camille Janszen,Gary Jackson,Erik Beks,Tom Jacobs,DJ Chiavistelli,Rob Achterkamp,Dj Sèbastien,Max Fredriksz.

Schedule Program in Dutch and English

Brussels Belgium time. 

Maandag  :  10-11 Tom Jacobs OCHTENDSHOW (various) (NL) 

                      18-19 Gary Jackson Back to the 70,s ( UK)  

Dinsdag  :      10-11 Tom Jacobs OCHTENDSHOW (various)     

Woensdag  :  10-11 Tom Jacobs OCHTENDSHOW (various)
17-19 Rob Achterkamp/Rob Op Woensdag (various) (NL)
Donderdag :  10-11 Tom Jacobs OCHTENDSHOW (various)
                        20-22 Erik Beks /PowerOnline (LIVE) (NL)  

Vrijdag   :       10-11 Tom Jacobs OCHTENDSHOW (various)
                        18-19 lynda law radio show (funk, soulful house, jazz, groove and modern soul....)(UK)  
Zaterdag :    12-13  Nonstop (various)
                      17-18  Steve Chelmsford : The Mop Tops / The King (oldies) (USA)             
                        18-19  Ferry De Wolf /Ferry show (Funk,soul) (Ned) BE  
                      19-20  My House DJ Chiavistelli ( It) (mix) 

                      20-21 Sébastien Kills Mix (FR) (En)

Zondag :   12-14 Camille Janszen /The Best Country (nl)

    14-16 Rudy Van Hove: Muziekland (various) (Ned) (BE)